Alien Logistics performs freight forwarding, which involves the full transportation organization, from developing the route to insuring or registering accompanying documents.

  • Within the scope of freight forwarding activities, we can perform the following:

    • Developing cargo transportation routes. Planning of transportation terms, the presence of restrictions during transportation, and the need to perform additional operations on the way (storage, packing, repacking, labeling, etc.).
    • Selecting transport for transportation. During this, we consider the characteristics of the shipment, its weight, and its dimensions. When preparing for transportation, we place cargo inside a body or container and organize transshipment if multimodal transportation is carried out (using several transport types).
    • Additional cargo handling. During forwarding, we can perform packing, repacking, placing in a return container or pallets, marking or checking its correctness, inventory, sealing, and sorting.
    • Working with documents. The forwarder draws up waybills, bills of lading, insurance policies, and permits necessary for the transportation of goods.
    • Helping with obtaining permits for heavy, dangerous, and oversized cargo transportation.
    • Customs clearance.
    • Accompanying shipments. The freight forwarder or their representatives accompany the cargo at all stages of transportation, monitoring compliance with transportation conditions, loading operations, the integrity of seals, conditions in warehouses where the cargo is temporarily stored, and other transportation parameters.

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